Akoni presenting at the Numa launch event at Google NYC

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Posted on September 28, 2017 Leave a comment
Akoni provides solutions to increase income to UK businesses by maximising returns on an under-utilised asset - cash. As a corporate and commercial solution, these issues are global problems and challenges for businesses everywhere.
As an early stage startup, Akoni provides a country and currency agnostic platform for corporates and banks, providing increased returns to corporates, personalised to their investment mandate, and benefits to banks to improve affinity to commercial clients.
Akoni is a global proposition and has started early stage planning relating to other markets including having recently been named by BBVA in the Top 10 Fintechs for companies.  While launch and growth may take a number of years, planning and awareness starts much earlier. Particularly important is obtaining support from appropriate advisers and investors who have the relevant specific market and domain expertise. Both technical value-add as well as network contacts are useful at this planning stage. The U.S market is a significant step in this direction due to the size and relative sophistication of the market.
Events, such as presenting at Google NYC for the Numa launch, have a wider audience and provide for these necessary aspects. The audience of both fintech and tech innovators, gives Akoni the right exposure at these early planning stages for future growth markets.
NUMA is an even, that empowers mission driven technology entrepreneurs to solve the global problems of 2030. Akoni is excited to be part of this event and looks forward to many more such opportunities.


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