Key dates for your business in November

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1st November - National Novel Writing Month

If you are running a coffee shop, this one is for you. Perhaps not as well-known as most events, independent coffee shops should delight in National Novel Writing Month and hosting their own Write-Ins. A month when aspiring authors set themselves the challenge of churning out a novel in 4 weeks, twice-weekly meet ups in coffee shops are the norm for these wannabe-writers, and offering them the perfect place to let their words and imagination run free might win you some very loyal customers.

5th November - Guy Fawkes Night

Let the glitter flow, a bit of sparkle on this day is entirely forgivable. Themed offers and tasty treats are sure to be appreciated – sticking a sparkler in your cupcakes might not be too subtle, but neither is a Catherine wheel.

24th November - Black Friday

Black Friday has immigrated to the UK from the US and it's one you don't want to miss. Use it to drive people to your business with limited-time offers on your goods. Email your customers in advance to present your offers and prepare them to shop with you.

27th November - Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the same thing as Black Friday, just on a different day. This is where your business’ online presence can come into its own, with marketing emails, social media posts and dedicated landing pages to your limited-time deals.

30th November - St. Andrew’s Day

He may not be as well-known as St. Patrick, but that’s all the more reasons your customers might appreciate you acknowledging this day. Add a bit of tartan, shortbread or deep-fried Mars bars to your offerings, novelty is a powerful tool for customer engagement.

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