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Following our update about the Bank of England last week, banks are now increasing their savings and deposit rates to benefit companies with available cash. The leading product alerts include:

Term Deposit Accounts

  • Cambridge & Counties Bank: term: 60 months at 2.20%
  • United Trust Bank: term: 24 months at 1.%
  • United Trust Bank: term: 12 months at 1.45%
  • Yorkshire Bank: term: 6 months at 1.00%

Instant Access Accounts

  • Kent Reliance: 0.90%
  • State Bank of India: 0.75%
  • ICICI Bank United Kingdom: 0.75%
  • The Loughborough Building Society: 0.55%

Notice Accounts

  • Redwood Bank: 95 days notice at 1.35%
  • Money Corp: 90 days notice at 1.31%
  • The Mansfield Building Society: 30 days notice at 1.25%
  • Hodge Bank: 100 days notice at 1.25%

We at Akoni are here to help with any questions you might have and to get your business cash working at maximum capacity. Please get in touch with our team of experts to provide you with access to recommended products.

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