4 Ways the 'Tech Revolution' impacts construction and real estate firms

Sebastian Knudsen
Posted by Sebastian Knudsen
Posted on September 27, 2018 Leave a comment

The effect of the digital automation revolution is undeniable wherever we look. From businesses using chatbots to help with customer service, to payroll-processing services being implemented everywhere we go. However, there are still businesses that are not making use of automation software, and because of this, they are losing money every day and failing to maximize easily available, additional revenue streams. This is often because they think automation is something only large businesses can afford or because they are sceptical about investing in a digital process to manage their day-to-day affairs.

Let's look at 4 ways digital automation can help your businesses save money and operate more efficiently.

  1. Increase staff productivity. Time is the most valuable resource we have and that is true for both C-suite executives and their teams. One of the biggest ways automation can help is by taking over repetitive tasks that waste employees' time and often demoralises them. Meeting scheduling platform ScheduleOnce for example, help with bookings for your services. Customers can easily schedule appointments which then get added to the calendars of the relevant parties. This saves you time from having to chase them up to find out the best time that suits them and allows you to focus on more important things.
  2. Better ROI. A lot of companies lose millions of pounds every year due to human error and lack of understanding when a new starter begins a job. Automated software systems are less prone to mistakes and save money in human labour, which can be used to hire staff for other key areas. This is something that is particularly important for both established businesses and start-ups with limited budgets.
  3. Quality control and maintaining high standards. As mentioned in the previous point, human error is a big problem for businesses and can lead to tasks having to be reprocessed, which again wastes time and potentially affects company reputation. With the right software you can ensure minimum mistakes whilst predictively monitoring any bugs; nipping them in the bud before they become a ‘live’ issue.
  4. Solving specific problems. With so much automation software available, it’s likely you will find a programme for any problem you have or maybe didn’t even know you had. If, however, you have an issue not currently covered, you can work with the right tech team or CTO to create your own platform for automation. Just as our very own Akoni CEO, Felicia Meyerowitz Singh, did when she was looking for tools to help her manage cash deposits for SMEs.

The takeaway from this…... Technology needs to be embraced within every industry. Whether it’s adding an additional revenue stream to your business from your dormant cash deposits to increasing staff productivity, every businesses can benefit from regularly reviewing the way they operate and the solutions they have incorporated.

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