Investment growth for charities – but potential for higher earnings from cash deposits!

Stephen Harvey
Posted by Stephen Harvey
Posted on April 11, 2018 Leave a comment

Charity Financials recently published Charity Income Spotlight report makes for interesting and positive reading, highlighting the significant growth in investment income that charities are enjoying. It states that income from investments among the top 5,000 charities increased 6% year on year, with total investments among this group now worth £3.29bn, £600m more than in 2008.

Making money working harder in this way creates a very valuable income stream for charities, generating valuable unrestricted funds to further an organisation’s mission.

But our insight is that charities can do even more.

Judging by the charities we have spoken with over the past months, investment money is one part of the portfolio and cash deposits are a separate, and mostly neglected, part. Charities need to keep cash in the bank – as reserves, committed project funding, for operating expenditure – and this is where greater income can be generated.

Our insight suggests that charities could raise at least 10x more from cash deposits in banks – based on a split portfolio that includes instant access accounts. This equates to in the region of £60,000/yr on a £5m cash deposit – it would take 1,000 supporters giving £5/month for a year to raise that!

But how?

With Akoni’s digital cash management platform you can find the best rates (suited to your term and risk requirements), open accounts and manage your cash across multiple accounts in a couple of clicks without the paperwork.

Akoni helps businesses make the most of their cash. Register free at and follow us on Twitter

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