United Trust Bank forms savings partnership with Akoni Hub

Kristian Harper
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Posted on April 06, 2022 Leave a comment

United Trust Bank has formed a partnership with Akoni Hub enabling the independent specialist bank to offer its savings products via Akoni.

Akoni Hub, part of the Stubben Edge Group, is a cash management platform for wealth managers and SMEs and has a client base made up of corporates, charities and high-net-worth individuals. The platform enables the easy opening and managing of multiple savings accounts, providing customers with a single view of all of their cash, no matter where it is held. Those opening an Akoni account can access a range of accounts from multiple banks, now including United Trust Bank.

United Trust Bank (UTB) is an expanding specialist bank and recognised provider of savings products for individuals, businesses and charities and secured funding facilities for individuals, SMEs and housebuilders. UTB has won multiple awards for its high levels of customer service and innovative use of technology. The Bank’s competitive savings products frequently appear in industry ‘best buy’ tables. 

Jonathan Ayres, CFO at United Trust Bank, said: “UTB is an established UK savings account provider with a reputation for offering competitive products across the market. We are excited to add Akoni Hub as a partner and believe our  deposit accounts will provide additional options for savers and benefit the broad range of customers who use the platform to manage their cash balances.” 

The platform enables clients to manage their cash savings, their desired level of risk and maximise protection either under the FSCS or equivalent, through diversification and includes unique bank ratings through Fitch Implied Credit Scores.

Further growth is being driven by the platform’s adviser benefits including a range of tools providing cash solutions for individuals and businesses as well as cash in SIPPs, under Power of Attorneys and trusts. This also provides a single point of entry for clients and advisers further enhancing our partners’ intergenerational wealth solutions.

The Financial Adviser zone, Open Banking and Open Finance tools, digital onboarding and 100 percent digital experience enables a fully digital Cash-as-a-service-Solution.

Panos Savvas, Founder and CTO at Akoni Hub, added: “We’re delighted to welcome United Trust Bank to the Akoni Hub platform.

“This partnership means we have 20 Bank Partners and expands the range of attractive savings products available to our clients to provide them with better rates of interest and a reduction in risk, all within one online application.” 

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