BBVA selects Akoni in top 10 Fintechs

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At Akoni, we believe SMEs and businesses are the bedrock of economic growth and development.       We were inspired to see that BBVA supports this same viewpoint by launching a global Open Talent competition, with a specific focus on Fintech for Companies - finding solutions for businesses.    Our platform is a cash management platform and smart tools, designed for SMEs and corporates.     We provide an increase to business income - with simple and easy to use technology, and products aligned to the company's preferences.  This maximises returns on an ongoing basis, ensuring the business earns money while resting.

The BBVA Open Talent is the biggest international Fintech competition for start-ups. There are three worldwide competitions, more than a dozen country-specific opportunities, two special challenges for specific categories, and an all-encompassing, catch-all competition to find the absolute best Fintech start-up from anywhere around the world.

The ‘Fintech for Companies’ category fits with the Akoni philosophy, and focuses on start-ups providing financial solutions for BBVA Corporate and SME customers.    Akoni has participated fully in the international talent search, and we are thrilled to have been chosen among the 10 finalists of this category.   This is another huge success for the Akoni Team and we are proud that our product has been viewed so favourably with many other players from across the world!  Akoni works both with banks, tailoring solutions for their commercial client base, as well as directly with businesses.

We are excited for the finals, which will take place in London in September.    In order to receive regular updates on market rates and make the most of your cash,  you can register at - contact us to find out the value we can add to your enterprise.

Read all about the competition  and sign up to join the open innovation day, sharing creative ideas with leading minds

Akoni helps businesses make the most of their cash. Register free at and follow us on Twitter


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