ABN AMRO Corporate launchpad - HighTechXL Summit

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Felicia Meyerowitz Singh, Akoni's CEO

July has been an exciting month for the team at Akoni!  We were selected from over 5,000 companies to partner with a leading bank in Europe.   Felicia and Panos, our CEO and CTO, attended the ABN AMRO launchpad, collaborating with various members of ABN AMRO corporate, commercial and digital and innovation teams.  We were hosted by the incredible professional and supportive team at HighTechXL Impact Summit in Eindhoven, a technology conference that matches up start-ups with industry experts, innovation executives and investors.

The Impact Summit was attended by 75 start-ups and scale-ups from 23 different countries, that were selected from over 5000 companies world wide.

We had the opportunity to meet around 20 of the ABN Amro team members, covering a range of responsibilities for commercial and SME Banking as well as digital delivery and innovation. This resonated strongly with our team as we believe passionately that SMEs are the bedrock of economic growth.  We are happy to see banks starting to recognise the additional value for this neglected market and looking forward to providing solutions to improving financial outcomes for business in this market. SMEs should have the option to choose the best business savings account and products, based on personalised products and solutions, which increase cash to the company.  This is a gap in the market which Akoni fills.  We collaborate with leading institutions to deliver this to customers.

Both Panos and Felicia, our Akoni founders, met with industry experts and explored the key benefits and features of our cash management platform for the bank's customers.
Akoni was delighted to be one of the winners of the ABN Amro pilot programme for our Banking on Business platform.





We are excited that our awesome team has brought us along this journey and look forward to more exciting successes ahead!

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