Black History Month - The Importance  of Diversity in the Work place

Kodwo Yankey
Posted by Kodwo Yankey
Posted on October 31, 2018 Leave a comment

Diversity has always been at the heart of Akoni, and something we belief is important when trying to drive change and make progression happen. With Black History Month coming to an end, we thought it would be great to ask some of our co-workers who are members of the BME community and find out what they think of the subject of diversity in the work place. See their answers below.

Joey (born to Nigerian immigrants)

“People always forget the greatest societies were built by diverse communities of different races and nationalities. Employing people from African-descent and the wider BME community helps a business to be able to draw from a wider creative pool of people with different skillsets and problem solving skills, while also being able to relate with their customers more effectively who, especially with globalisation, are becoming more diverse than ever.”

Lydia (born to a German Father and Jamaican Mother)

"While the world seems to be progressing in every aspect, it is important that businesses reflect differing perspectives, opinions and ideas to cater for all customers and clients. I also think it is of great importance to not ignore stats relating to the lack of women from the BME community in business professions, and what businesses can do to ensure that women of colour/women from the BME community are given the same opportunities to enter these roles at a level playing field. Everyone’s voices are of equal importance."

Francone (from Angola)

“I think a wide diversity in the work place gives members of minority groups a chance to not only get a chance to progress in careers where they are underrepresented, but also gives businesses the opportunity to get different perspectives of things. Whether it be race, gender age etc, it is good to have a mix of people in order to sustain and keep up with market trends in business.”

Kodwo (born to a Ghanaian Dad & British Mum)

“I think it is good to have diversity or black diversity in the workplace, because I think you can show people who come from Africa, or first or second-generation African immigrants or West Indie immigrants are at the forefront of a lot of innovation and break down a lot of negative preconceptions that people may have. It also gives the opportunity to break down barriers internationally and also in the UK. Excluding one group of people, whether people of African descent or others such as Chinese, west Asians etc, you end up being very behind in fields such as math, physics banking, which is why diversity is always key.”

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