Dashboard updates for Wealth Advisers and business owners

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Wealth Adviser Dashboard Updates

Akoni has recently released a few key tools to make it easier for advisers to quickly and efficiently manage their clients. So what’s new for advisers?

New Features: 

  • Client Accounts (Adviser Dashboard)
  • Tools to add their clients to their dashboard
  • Manage user logins and add account holders
  • Managed client on-boarding (complete application for clients and view status)

Client Accounts (Adviser Dashboard)

In the updated adviser dashboard, Akoni has introduced a greater separation between the firm’s account(s) for managing the business’s cash and the advisers’ clients. The Client Accounts list is searchable and can be sorted to help find the right cash portfolio. Client accounts can be linked to one or more advisers. 

Tools to add clients

There is a simple way to now for advisers to quickly add clients to their client list. Advisers can create new accounts and then issue invitations to their clients. Clients will receive an email that allows them to create a password and access the cash platform via their own dedicated login. Optionally, advisers can choose to pre-configure deposit drafts for the client ahead of sending the invitation. 

Manage user logins and add account holders

Once a client account has been created, advisers can add one or more account holders. Each account holder can be issued their own login via Akoni’s registration links that the adviser can generate as part of the invitation. Existing users/logins can be activated or deactivated if required by the adviser.

Assisted client on-boarding

Advisers can now initiate and complete the client’s Akoni application on behalf of the client (required for KYC/AML purposes so that Akoni can place cash on behalf of the client). As an option you can enter all the required data and submit the application digitally. The client account holder(s) will then receive an invitation to preview and approve the application and complete a digital identity verification on the Akoni platform. The functionality to allow clients to complete their own Akoni application remains unchanged.

Updates for Organisations with Subsidiaries

Akoni has recently released a few key tools to make it easier for organisations to quickly and efficiently manage their holding and subsidiary organisations. 

Updated Accounts list view

For business owners or managers that need to view and administer cash across multiple entities Akoni has refined the accounts overview screen, making it easier to see at a glance the status of each cash account. 

Manage user access to each company

Managers can also utilise new tools to add or restrict logins for team members on the subsidiary accounts. New users can be issued login details via an email invitation that will give them access to whichever cash account is required.

About Akoni: Akoni is an award-winning UK cash platform, which provides a marketplace to SMEs and charities, as well as to individuals through our white label distribution partners including IFAs, wealth platforms, accountants and SME hubs. Akoni uses innovative technology to personalise cash planning solutions for clients, and also provides a full API solution to banks and insurance clients.

Contact us contact@akonihub.com and Find out more www.akonihub.com and www.akonitech.io

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