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Rachelle Palmer
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Posted on April 20, 2020 Leave a comment

Akoni believes in the power of community and being stronger together. We are committed to supporting our clients, partners and communities on an ongoing basis, particularly during the Covid-19 outbreak.   

During this time of crisis, we continue to provide our cash marketplace and tools free to SMEs and have focused in particular on our retail and IFA/white label solutions, despite the Bank of England cutting rates from 0.75% to 0.25% then to 0.10% in an attempt to stimulate the economy and save it from completely crashing. 

During this time of uncertainty, the good news is that Akoni offers a range of cash and risk tools including bank diversification - as well as great rates and currently has banks paying 1.8% +. These tools and the Akoni cash platform enable you to protect your money effectively. Akoni is proud to say, this has helped many businesses and individuals.

From your sofa digital 5 minute on-boarding: We have launched our Covid-19 cash tools specifically to enable business and consumers to on-board in the remote working environment - from anywhere. This includes our optional 5 minute digital on-boarding tool with all anti-money laundering performed in lockdown. 

Time saving Cash Planner tools: Providing you with simple access to your hub balance and recent transactions. This means you can check the progress of your instructed deposits and filter all your transactions according to your own preference.

Partner and White Label solutions: Wrapped users can now create their accounts and utilise the features Akoni has to offer. Whether you have a SSAS, SIPP, Trust or Offshore bond, you can now manage your cash effectively via our platform.

White Label Solutions - rapid delivery: In this environment we offer a free branded platform for our channel partners, including IFAs, wealth managers/platforms as well as banks and insurers. We utilise our tech for a live white label within just 30 minutes and offer a full API integration as well for the larger platforms. This means you can offer your clients an additional service branded as your company with all of the features of Akoni as a marketplace within your own solution. 

We believe strongly in partnership and collaboration and are already working with various banks as well as wealth partners and fintechs for our White label solutions. We already work with 75+ advisers as well as other retail/small business partners and this is growing rapidly due to the current needs of the market.

Akoni helps businesses make the most of their cash. Register free for access to market-leading interest rate accounts, cash planning tools and tips at and follow us on Twitter

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